“Lang is responsible for our most valuable asset, our patent portfolio.  Under his guidance we’ve filed 18 patent applications around our core technology, multiple continuation applications and almost all filed internationally as well.  Over half of these core patents have been awarded thus far: a credit to Lang’s writing skills, solid understanding of complex engineering concepts and talents in constructing appropriate claims.   Lang regularly meets with our engineering team concerning upcoming concepts, and then does the heavy lifting on building the patent application with excellent communication throughout the process.   When it comes to prosecution, Lang prepares cases, researches prior art and works with our IP counsel on best courses of action.   He also uses online resources to monitor the competitive IP environment, keeping us informed of potentially competitive patent applications.   Multiple experts have commented on the strength of our portfolio, which I directly credit to Lang.”
David Specht
CEO and Cofounder,
Maui Imaging




“I’ve worked with Lang several times during my career. He is a very skilled IP professional. From prior art searches and patent analysis to drafting specifications and claim language, Lang has been prescriptive, clear and timely with his deliverables and advice. He is able to quickly understand new technologies and translate novel inventions into solid intellectual property. I would highly recommend Lang’s intellectual property services.”
Mike Mirizzi
Vice President R&D,
Qool Therapeutics




“Lang has a unique combination of technical, intellectual property and market based skills. He uses these skills to provide insightful solutions to client’s needs. Lang has managed numerous diverse projects with an exceptionally high level of quality and client satisfaction.”
Mike Lasinski
Managing Director,
284 Partners




“I’ve worked with Lang both as a colleague and as a client. In every respect, Lang is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and genuinely pleasant to work with. Lang’s ability to quickly understand new technologies and to clearly convey that understanding in writing is unique and invaluable to me as a patent professional.”
Mark Kertz
Associate General Counsel,